Lending my rump for Bompas and Parr

Back in 2010, I bought a copy of Bompas and Parr's jelly cookbook in Winnipeg Manitoba.  I was super fascinated, made almost all the recipes, started collecting fancy molds, and started using these molds in my sculptures. I never thought that one day id live in London, get to meet them, and volunteer my behind, for some sploshing themed artwork! It was like a dream come true.  I think these guys are brilliant. Credits for the photo and video go to Bompas and Parr, and photographer Jo Duck.  Video by Nathan Ceddia

UPDATE:  nearly one year later, I got to volunteer my belly and mouth for their next video project titled: Man vs Gut created by Nathan Ceddia. Click HERE for the video where parts of me are featured for about 1.5 seconds :)