Not so secret tradition covered by the Guardian at Christmas

My partner Oliver and I have had a tradition over the past few years where we make a replica of a local business in gingerbread and give it to them as a surprise for Christmas. My mom thought The Guardian ought to know about it and this happened:

Peanut Necklaces and brooches

When a pearl necklace just won't do, why not give that special someone a peanut necklace or brooch?  I have made a variety of porcelain peanuts on either gold wire, or silk cord or peanut brooches available for sale.  Im not often participating in a sale and not super keen to have an etsy shop yet, so if you'd really really like one, just send me a message and we can work something out.   

Photo 07-07-2017, 23 37 21.jpg


Every Monday, I knit at the Ivy House pub with an amazing group of talented people.  We decided to participate in the Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival and host a night of knitting themed film clips titled: Knitflix. The whole evening was compared by the hilarious Sara Dean, and there was piano accompaniment by Oliver Singleton.  Everyone from Woolly Mondays contributed. Many of the ladies knit film strip bunting, which decorated the stage and pub.  Oliver and I made a stop motion film countdown to introduce the film clips that were screened.  

poster knit by Charlotte Moon

poster knit by Charlotte Moon

Lending my rump for Bompas and Parr

Back in 2010, I bought a copy of Bompas and Parr's jelly cookbook in Winnipeg Manitoba.  I was super fascinated, made almost all the recipes, started collecting fancy molds, and started using these molds in my sculptures. I never thought that one day id live in London, get to meet them, and volunteer my behind, for some sploshing themed artwork! It was like a dream come true.  I think these guys are brilliant. Credits for the photo and video go to Bompas and Parr, and photographer Jo Duck.  Video by Nathan Ceddia

UPDATE:  nearly one year later, I got to volunteer my belly and mouth for their next video project titled: Man vs Gut created by Nathan Ceddia. Click HERE for the video where parts of me are featured for about 1.5 seconds :)

Sock it to me!

Tucker Marder, and Isla Hansen invited me to a puppet party they were hosting.  Everyone had to bring a puppet show to perform.  A few weeks earlier I had made a giraffe shaped cake, and they challenged me to make a puppet cake.  Here is the result.  


During my time at Skowhegan, I had the opportunity to create a fresco.  I was inspired how the library on the grounds would become used as a sort of neighbourhood cafe.  Participants came for the wifi, and would sit on their laptops and phones and drink their coffees.  It was also a great opportunity for a silly pun.  I gave the mermaid lady a cow crown, enlarged her breasts, and gave her 2 big veiny cocks to hold on to. She hung for a brief period on the side of the library until the end of the residency.

Institute For New Feeling

Do you suffer from Syncope?  Take the home test to find out?

My participation in “Felt Book”, a project through the Institute For New Feeling. The documentation here is from the launch of Felt Book at Spaces Gallery in Cleveland, OH January 30-March 27, 2015.