Sculptural installation made in collaboration with    Scott Andrew .   See the future, not as a distant apocalyptic dystopia, but as a playful shimmering reality that you can shape. This sculptural installation combines kinetic sculpture, video, and sound, by chronicling visions of the future through media from the past. The primary focus of this project involved the construction of a rotating mirrored crystal structure that is 6’ tall by 5’ in diameter. The crystal serves as a mash up between the crystal ball and a disco ball, by forecasting visions of the future in a setting that is referential to a dance floor. Four video projections reflect off of the crystal, enveloping the gallery in an optical swarm of video fragments that have the ability to cast viewers into a perceptual juxtaposition of meditation and nausea.   A major goal of the project is to blur the roles between the artwork and viewer; performer and participant. A mirrorball designates a space and distinguishes a dive bar from a ballroom. The objective is for our crystal ball to transform a space, and disrupt the passive relationship viewers often have with artwork.   The crystal reflects video as well as the image of the participants, creating a new environment where both the viewer and video become equal contributors to the artwork. Viewers are hypnotically drawn to the crystal, as if approaching a campfire, and tend to congregate around the object, constantly looking inward. However, there is a threshold, a point in which the viewer’s body is compelled to retract, as if the object’s element of danger is repelling them backward. Also linked to this work is a sense of loneliness that conjures a distant memory of being alone on the dancefloor in the awkward time frame when the music and lights are pounding but no one has yet arrived to the club.
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